Custom Millwork is Important for Functionality

Practicality and functionality not only apply to a well-thought-out floor plan, but also to the built-ins that will permanently inhabit these spaces. For this reason, we design custom millwork whenever possible for our clients. For a residential project, the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry and mudroom are key spaces for this opportunity. On a commercial project, most often the need is in the break room, restrooms, copy area, and reception area. Taking the time to design a custom piece ensures that it will meet the users' needs and therefore it will be a functional and productive element.

We had designed the following custom pieces for a contractor client. As anyone in our industry can recognize, having a place for storing and viewing large rolls of prints is crucial. We were tasked with designing the millwork for their copy area. There is plenty of storage for smaller items in the base and wall cabinets, while the vertical element houses the rolls of plotter paper. The client also needed an area to sort prints among its staff. This was accomplished with a small cubby area above an over-sized counter top.

Additionally, we designed custom standing-height drafting tables for their private offices. The sloped counter top with a bottom ledge easily holds plans for viewing, while the shelves underneath provide for storage of rolled sets.